Thursday, 29 January 2009

Doing Japanese Order

The most popular cards at Top Drawer were these 'age cards', but without the ages, so just saying happy birthday + the image. The piles on the table show what the trusty workers John and Leo will be assembling (I do the printing and cutting).

Top Drawer Follow-Up

This was home for 3 days last week and I got a badly swollen ankle from standing in it and not getting any exercise.

I was mad enough to say 'yes' to minimum orders and worried if I'd cover my costs when people ordered in 2s and 3s. Thanks to sterling crashing though, a Japanese buyer bought in 40s - which made the whole show viable.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Fairy in the Potting Shed

Have just received my free copy of The Fairy in the Potting Shed - a chapter book written by Lorna Uglow. I was commissioned to do one or two full colour pics for each chapter (8 chapters).

The book sat on a desk at Harper Collins for quite a while before Lorna took it upon herself to get it self-published. It's available on Amazon for anyone looking for presents for 10yr old girls!

Sylvie Field was the lovely model I used for Olivia. Thanks Sylvie!