Friday, 7 November 2008

New House Painting

This is the latest 'house' painting that I'm working on. The Matthews family bid for it in a fundraising auction at St John's school, Highbury Vale, a couple of years ago. They wanted to wait until their youngest child (on the pillar, on the right) wasn't just a baby, so now I'm ready to work on the painting.

I emailed jpegs of the pencil stage (this photo shows a detail of just the family, the painting will include their house behind) to the family, adjusting proportions, expressions etc until all were happy with this stage.

I give people the choice of a painting with details picked out in crayon, or inked. The Matthews have gone for an inked version (the inked stage shown in the scan above). I spent most of yesterday doing this (my influences for this style were Carl Larsson and Herge).